Run for Your Life

“Life insurance is about life, your life. It’s about how you want to live your life right now and 20 years from now.”

When I think about it, running does this for me. At its essence, running is life insurance.

For me, running is a quality of life issue. You can’t deny the positive emotional benefits of running. We’ve all heard of that “runner’s high,” and it has halo effect that shines a light onto my entire life.

But we don’t talk as often about the positive physical effects of the sport on this blog. Some of it seems pretty obvious, right? I mean, who doesn’t want to look a lil’ hotter in skinny jeans (assuming you can pull them up over those ripped runners’ calves)?

Well, the physical effects of running go far beyond this. Sure, Maggie and I both started running longer distances because we had a little extra padding to shed, but we both continue running for a bevy of additional healthy benefits. For me, there are things I can actively feel getting healthier. For example, my knees and ankles feel better (thanks to a combination of lower weight, better strength and improved blood flow). I’ve also heard running can combat cancer, improve brain power and extend the years in my life.

And that’s why I keep running: To extend the years in my life — and the life in my years. — Aidz


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