Race Recap: Chi-Town 10K

So, um, I bailed on that 10K.

You know, that one 10K that was supposed to be my super-fast, destroy-my-PR race.

Here’s what happened: I was crushing my training plan, doing speedwork and surprising myself at the relative ease with which I was completing 400-meter repeats and tempo runs at a fast clip. Then, four weeks ago, I went on vacation, a snowboarding trip that I had scheduled into my training plan (high altitude cardio crosstraining!). And after that, it all went downhill.


I didn’t run the race, but I do love the 1/4 zip pullover (and I will feel like such a poser when I inevitably wear it.)

I was taken down by a sinus infection that was bad, got a little better, then got a helluva lot worse. I finally went to the doctor, got on antibiotics and started to fight it off. Saturday came, and I realized I was staring down a Sunday morning 10K in cold temps and high winds with a major time constraint (I had to be to work at 11 a.m.; the race was at 8:15) and a lingering illness.

So, I bailed.

I’m reminding myself it was only a 10K and there will be other 10Ks. I’m reminding myself it is more important for me to get all-the-way healthy. Though, it still stings knowing I fell short of my goal and that I kinda wussed out.

These things happen. Illnesses happen. Injuries happen. Life happens. And then you have to try to make the best decisions about what to do.

I don’t regret skipping the race; I think it was the right thing to do in this particular situation. I just hope I’m not faced with another decision like that again any time soon (and that my stupid sinus infection GTFO ASAP.) — Mags


5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Chi-Town 10K

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  5. The 10k course was mis-marked, so you didn’t miss much! According to my Nike+ GPS watch, the course was 6.0 miles instead of 6.2. On the plus side, it made me look that much faster!


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