Training to Keep Up

try_and_keep_upWhile contemplating a spring race, I’ve been logging a decent amount of miles, some fast, some slow. I’ve been running with people who are a lot faster than me, and while I love a challenge, I find myself at a crossroads. Train harder to keep up with them, or run with slower people? I can do both, but I’m not ready to give up on my (slow) self yet.

In order for me to run with these speed demons — and be able to carry on a conversation — I am going to have to do speedwork. Not speedwork to achieve a goal or PR. I need to do intervals so my regular workouts are comfortable. This will make me a better runner and will allow me to chime in about “The Walking Dead,” instead of moaning like a zombie myself. So, I’m writing up a training plan to keep up with my friends.

Your goals don’t always have to include a big race at the end. Sometimes they can be as personal as not wanting to be left behind. –Amie


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