Bad Angel Rule #122

gumball-machine-bankChew On This.

As a kid, my piano teacher constantly chastised me for chewing gum during lessons. She claimed it “threw off my rhythm.” As an adult who has the power to chew gum any time I darn well please, I have discovered that chewing gum actually enhances my rhythm. Especially when I’m running.

I’m not sure what it is exactly about chewing gum when I run, but it just works. I feel like everything just kinda moves in sync. Rocking out to my tunes, chomping on a some gum, pounding the pavement; I can disappear for awhile.

Plus, gum does a great job combating cotton mouth. In these windy spring months, it’s a godsend. And, if you made a poor choice with your pre-run food, gum helps mask those awful burps that force you to relive those bad decisions.

So grab a stick before you head out the door. It might double your pleasure and double your fun. — Aidz


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