We Are Runners

14266_597063563004_6659042_nRunning is a community. That’s why this hurts so much.

We support each other, no matter how fast or slow.

We celebrate each other’s triumphs. We empathize with one another.

Runners know the pain that comes from pushing yourself to the limit; we know the mental and physical toll that is followed by the pure joy of crossing a finish line.

This pain is different. And we all feel it.

We think about the runners who had just completed one of the most grueling and prestigious races in the world. Runners trying to reunite with their families after 26.2 miles, their emotions already on high, and then being thrown into a panic.

We think about the spectators who came with signs and cheers and words of motivation, who were there to encourage their loved ones and total strangers alike, who became mixed in the chaos.

We think about the runners who were still on the course, who had trained for months or their whole lives to make it to this race, who were stopped short of the finish line and achieving their dreams.

We think about the race volunteers who handed out water and massaged aching muscles, who stepped up to help as the terror unfolded.

When tragedy strikes, we turn to running as a form of therapy. It is our safe zone, our happy place, our time to be alone with our thoughts.

That safe zone was breached yesterday, and it’s something every runner felt to their core.

But we are runners. We are a world-wide community. We support. We persevere.

We turn pain into triumph. — Mags


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