Craptastic Runs

Generally, I love running. It is my personal trainer. It is my therapist. It is my sanctuary. But sometimes, it is my personal hell. Sometimes, bad runs just happen.

They come without any warning, often when you least expect it. But when you’re in the thick of a bad run, there’s no question about it. Your legs feel heavy, everything feels forced and it’s all just a bit “off.”

The only GOOD part about a bad run? Being done with it and moving on. Because that’s the thing about bad runs–at some point, they end, and you can move on with life. So don’t let a shiteous run get you down. Accept the fact that you were probably due for one, and try again tomorrow. —Aidz


5 thoughts on “Craptastic Runs

  1. The way I see it: bad runs sometimes happen because you’re running on tired legs, or without enough energy in your system. In these cases, when you get through them, you’ve probably improved MORE than if you had run fresh, with all systems firing. I might be wrong, but it’s a good way to force a good feeling into your spirits after a particularly nasty effort.


  2. I had a bad marathon Saturday. Trying to note what I did wrong and trying to do better the next time. Sometimes this stuff happens.


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