Rookie Rule #19


First-time Bad Angel Andrea shows her horns like a seasoned pro.

Learn Proper Horn Placement.

Taking good race photos is a learned art. If you’re still sifting through crappy race pics, fear not; in time, you’ll learn how to deal with these. To start, let’s discuss the art of proper horns in a race photo.

  1. Stick up your pointer finger and pinky. All your other phalanges should be locked and loaded.
  2. Tuck in yer thumb. Otherwise, you’re signing to the world that you love them. (It’s OK, we love you, too.)
  3. If you’re placing your horns atop your head, make sure they’re nice and high. Otherwise, we can’t see past your giant noggin.
  4. Point your horns up, not forward. Tipping horns look like your head is under attack from a weird rabbit.
  5. Worried about horn placement? Forget it all and just throw them in the air for all the world to see.
  6. Own the horns. You are a Bad Angel. Capital B, Capital A.



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