Random Acts of Cheering

65e17e87ca31eadf15233b5c3da9639bSince the weather has taken a turn for the awesome the past month or two, I’ve been the recipient of positive encouragement from people everywhere I go.

Random acts of cheering, if you will. And I swear, they’re not hitting on me. They’re saying things like, “Good job!” “Go girl!” “You’re a super woman” (OK, that day I was pushing a double stroller, and dammit, that does require superhuman abilities) and earlier this week, I even got a high-five.

So what’s gotten into people? Is it me? I have been smiling a lot lately. Maybe everyone else is just happy, too. Whatever the reason, I’m in full support. So thanks, strangers, this girl needs some extra help sometimes. Consider my faith in human nature restored. — Aidz


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