Bad Angel Rule #131

A Race Isn’t a History Test; You Can’t Cram for It.

Does this scenario sound familiar?: You didn’t go to class all semester, and now you are staring down the final exam. So you cram the night or week before because all you want to do is pass the damn thing. You know you won’t ace it. You just need to survive and move on … and then collapse in a heap of exhaustion after the all-nighter study session(s).

examRaces are the same way.

So you haven’t been training properly or consistently, then all the sudden, your 5K/10K/half marathon is two weeks away. Your first instinct might be to cram in as many runs and as many miles as possible. BUT DON’T DO IT.

You’re already not in the best shape and taxing your body like that in the days preceding a race is only gonna make it worse. Instead, concentrate on getting in a few quality short and mid-length runs to build back some endurance and get your legs moving again.

Come race day, make no mistake, it’s gonna hurt. Much like your final exam, you aren’t going to ace this race, but you can and you will cross that finish line. And the next day, it’s gonna hurt even more.

And that’s what you get when you don’t study, er, train properly. Live and learn, right? — Mags


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