You’re Never Too Old

This year, I turned the pivotal age of 39. I didn’t realize how important this birthday would be, or how it would make me feel. Basically, for the first time (ever) I looked back on my life and then I looked forward. The second part of that scared the shit out of me. Looking back is always awesome. You feel nostalgic, accomplished and grateful.

Looking ahead, with 40 looming, I felt fearful, anxious, old. I went to a bad place where I felt like giving up. Seriously, why should I even bother? Why should I run 20 miles a week or do sit-ups? I’m almost 40. Why should I color my hair or do my nails? I’m almost 40. I’m a washed up, washed out almost-40-year-old, who, in 10 short years would be … gasp. I can’t even type it.

Then, I went to a wedding.

I had heard about Molly, the mother of the groom. “She’s a big-time runner, you’re going to love her.” “She’s unreal, wait till you meet her!”


Photo credit: The Catholic Review

Molly is hands-down one of the most vibrant people I’ve ever met. I didn’t get to talk to her much because people gravitate to her, and in this setting, there always seemed to be a line of people waiting to talk to her. So I just sat and watched.

Here’s the thing, people: she’s the mother of the groom, who happens to be in his 40’s. I don’t know her exact age, but it doesn’t even matter. Her beef with running this year? She missed her Boston Marathon qualifying time by 4 minutes. Yes, you read that right. She’s trying to qualify for Boston.

Now, I know all of the cliches about age and all of that, but she gave me hope. She reminded me of why I run, and why I can’t throw in the towel. Running isn’t always about the way I look, but the way I feel. In fact, I’d venture to say it’s only about the way I feel. It makes me feel healthy and sane. Alive and energetic.

I need running to keep up with my kids, and I want to be at all of their weddings. Dancing, laughing and hopefully talking about my latest PR — or maybe even another attempt at Boston. — Amie


2 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old

  1. You are so right! Let’s embrace our health and our ability and just get on with it! Love it.


  2. You think 39 or 40 is old today. 10 years from now you will wish you were still 39 and could do all of the things you could do when you were 39, or had the time you had when you were 39 to pursue your dreams. At 49 you may think you are too old to pursue your dreams.
    You are 39 today. In 10 years 39 will look pretty freaking good. So grab ahold of 39 and live it.

    I had this conversation with one of my running buddies last weekend. What ever age you are today will seem young and full of potential 10 years from now. WSo just get on with it and stop worrying about being to old. I’m 48.


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