Bad Angel Rule #134

1010758_10100245060533854_132047323_nDrink Up.

If there is free finish line beer, it is your duty to drink it. I don’t care if it doesn’t sound good. In fact, beer generally does NOT sound good that early in the morning — especially following a tough race. But you just have to suck it up, and drink it up. On principle.

Besides, while it may not always taste the best, beer is a good recovery drink (it’s just science, y’all).

But mostly, it’s because you can’t be passing up free beers. No, no you cannot. — Aidz


6 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #134

  1. Wow, maybe I need to reconsider my absolute determination NOT to race! Just for the beer.


    • Beer is a definite perk to racing. Why are you so adamantly against it? Have you ever raced before?


      • I have never raced and have no desire to. I feel that running for me is a personal thing and the idea of crowds really puts me off. I don’t even like running with one or two other people.. I also don’t want to kill the joy of running which I feel chasing the PB etc would do for me. I have my own goals and do far that has been enough. Though the real reason might be the fear of huge lines to the toilet pre-race 🙂


  2. My daughter once asked me when was the ealiest I started drinking beer after a race. I told her 10AM! I’m such a good example. 😉
    Beer and racing are like chips and salsa!


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