Gear Check: Nike Elite OTC Compression Socks

I’ll admit that I wasn’t always a fan of OTC (over the calf) socks for runners. I thought they looked silly. But if you pay attention, a lot of runners are wearing them lately, so I began to think that maybe they’re

photo (15)

on to something …

These socks are compression socks, they aren’t just a fashion statement. Compression technology works by applying additional pressure to the muscles and tendons, pushing blood away from the area and back into the heart. You can wear compression tights, sleeves, or socks for running, to protect and stimulate your legs and feet. Some people claim that the benefit is only perceived, a placebo effect. I disagree.

I’ve been flirting with plantar fasciitis for about two weeks now, using therapeutic massage and stretching to stave it off. I’ve been wanting to try the compression socks anyway, but recently they’ve felt like a necessity. My husband gave me the Nike Elite OTC Compression Socks to wear on my 7-mile run the other day, and the final verdict? THEY WORK.

  • Comfort level: 10 out of 10. They stay put, they don’t rub, and they feel amazing. I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to an ankle sock.
  • Performance: Dry-fit fabric kept my feet dry on a very hot and humid morning.
  • Fit: Buy your normal size, they are a true fit, no need to go smaller for more pressure.
  • Price: They aren’t cheap, but they’re worth it. Invest for your long run, if nothing else.
  • Benefit delivered? Absolutely. My calves aren’t as tight and my heels feel great.

And thanks to the compression-loving runners before me, I didn’t feel one bit silly wearing them. And kudos to Nike for always providing badass running gear. — Amie

(Side note: I also recently had my first foray into compression socks with the Pro Compression Marathon sock. I went for it after I got a 25% off coupon in my virtual goodie bag (score!), and so far, so good. I haven’t actually run in them yet, but the post-run recovery effects have been great. A couple weeks ago, I had to sit in meetings all day after a 10-miler, so I threw these bad boys on underneath my work pants. Good stuff. After a few minutes, I kinda forgot I had them on because they were so comfy. Since then, I’ve worn them around the house after long runs, and they consistently help my legs feel fresh and light. Might be time to take them for a jaunt. — Mags)


7 thoughts on “Gear Check: Nike Elite OTC Compression Socks

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  7. I have seen these socks everywhere! Runners, teens, at the grocery store….


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