Gear Check: Sweaty Bands

The rest of my soccer team is hidden behind my hair in this photo.

The rest of my soccer team is hidden behind my hair in this photo.

So I’ve got big hair. Always have, always will. It goes with my big personality, so it’s all well and good.

That is, until it comes to athletic endeavors. I’ve already preached about how I feel about restraining one’s locks on the run, and I’ve spent my entire life trying to figure out a good way to control my bouffant so it doesn’t get in my way.

This was a good look in 1997, I swear.

This was a good look in 1997, I swear.

Growing up, my mom used to stuff my hair into two massive pigtails. This was mostly effective, but pigtails look slightly ridiculous on a grown adult. In high school, I wore a plethora of sweat bands and looked like I was trying to be Jane Fonda. I dabbled with rolled-up pre-wrap in college, but I always had a problem with it sliding back on my head and eventually falling off. So when I discovered running hats, I figured I had found the answer, once and for all.

Well, Angels, there’s been a breakthrough on the how-to-keep-your-hair-outta-your-face front. Enter Sweaty Bands. These pretty lil’ headbands are like the love child of a sweatband and a headband. They’re lined in a velvet-ish backing, which keeps them from sliding around on your head.

Pre-run: Totally prepared for this thing to fail.

Before: Totally prepared for this thing to fail.

I had seen Sweaty Bands at race expo booths, and more and more on women running around town. I’ve never really been able to keep headbands from slipping off my head, so I was completely skeptical about the effectiveness of these cute headbands. And when I got a free one to try, I was fully prepared for it not to work.

Lo and behold, it was awesome. Seriously. Why have I been denying myself the pleasure of Sweaty Bands for so long? Not only did it not budge an inch on a 4-mile run, but it also wicked a decent amount of sweat away. Plus, I didn’t go back to work with sweaty hat head.

Post-run: Totally pleased with SweatyBand performance.

After: Totally surprised with Sweaty Band success.

I immediately went home and ordered three new Sweaty Bands. They come in just about every color and pattern you can imagine (plus, you can even customize the design squeee!), which is good for me because I like to be matchy-matchy, uh, always.

So there you have it. Sweaty Bands: Good. Go get you some. — Aidz

Cincinnati Special: If you live in the Cincinnati area, keep your eyes peeled for the warehouse sales. In fact, you can get a Sweaty Band of our very own right now for as low as $2. Hootie hoo!


5 thoughts on “Gear Check: Sweaty Bands

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  4. Oh, don’t you worry — we stocked up yesterday at the warehouse. In fact, we waited to post this review, because we wanted first dibs on everything in the warehouse. Haha.


  5. Yay!! Thank you so much for your awesome review! We are so glad to hear that you loved your Sweaty! Make sure to come by and see us during the warehouse sale this week!


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