Newbie Confessional: Perfecting Playlists

Matthew runs with music. Also, you're welcome.

Matthew runs with music. Also, you’re welcome.

Another entry in a series of posts from guest blogger Tela Durbin.

Today I’m here to talk about music. As you get started on your running journey, you’re likely to realize, as I did, that music plays an important part in the motivation to get out there and run.

I’m also here to tell you that if you need the musics to run, good luck finding the right tunes. Now you might be asking:

“Why do you say ‘good luck,’ Tela?”

Because. If there is one thing I’ve figured out about music and running, it’s that running songs are super, super personal. You can never judge a potential running song because you didn’t like it (or you loved it) when you heard it that one time in your car. When you run to a song, it’s a completely different experience than dancing to a song, karaokeing to a song, or commuting to song.

Get ready to search the Internets in search of those perfect songs FOR YOU. Take suggestions and cues from anyone and anybody out there, but don’t worry if what they love doesn’t work for you.

Just cue up another playlist and get back out there. Hey, it’s one way to up your weekly mileage! —Tela


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