Some Body to Love

Despite the fact that I’m midway through marathon training, those extra 5-10 pounds I gained this spring/ summer aren’t coming off. The majority of my running clothes (and non-running clothes, for that matter) don’t fit me right. I’ve had to buy new shorts, tops and bras in larger sizes.

Putting on workout gear used to consistently be a source of happiness and pride. “Look how strong I am! I feel confident, vibrant, alive!” Lately, it’s been a depressing spiral of, “Oh, great, another pair of shorts that don’t fit anymore.”

The other day, I came upon this fantastic blog post that explores body image in young girls. One study says that by the age of 13, 53 percent of girls are unhappy with their bodies. So, this woman interviewed and photographed girls ages 4-8 to find out what they like about their bodies.

Their answers are both adorable and amazing.i-dont-work-hard-because-i-hate-my-body-i-work-hard-because-i-love-it

“I like my eyes because they help me see different things.”

“I like my hands, they help me draw.”

“Something I like about my body is how fast I can run, and how healthy I am.”

“I like my body because it’s magic.”

They’re right. Our bodies ARE magic. They are tools that allow us to do incredible things every single day. So what if I had to go up a size in running shorts? I am still able to run. I am still training for a marathon, my fourth in four years. I am still healthy.

My body allows me to dance and write and laugh and walk my dog.

My body is just as magical as it was 10 pounds ago.

I like my body because it likes me back. — Mags


2 thoughts on “Some Body to Love

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