Gear Check: Injinji Socks

440For as much time as I spend discussing running socks with my fellow Bad Angels, I realize that we haven’t actually written that much about all of the different types of socks we’ve tried out here on the blog.

Why oh why have we been neglecting socks? I forgot to pack socks in my workout bag a couple weeks ago before a 6-mile run, and let me tellya — socks are NOT to be taken for granted. Meow, blisters, meow.

Anyhoo, I recently got a sample of some Injinji socks to test out, and they’re pretty great. I’ve seen these crazy-looking socks around running stores and assumed they were made specifically for Vibram FiveFingers shoes. As it turns out, that’s not the case.

Separating your toes inside your socks comes with a bevy of benefits. Along with the obvious blister prevention, these socks tout the ability to help you properly align your toes for better posture and balance.

So do they work?

I can’t speak to better alignment, because, well, I’m not sure what that feels like exactly, but I will say that these socks were really comfortable and held up nicely on an 8-mile run. They feel a little weird at first, but once you get going, you completely forget about them and can just enjoy the ride. The socks have nice arch support, extra heel padding (that’s the first place my socks tend to wear thin), and come up nicely behind the heel to keep them in place without showing. And I do not have a single blister to report.

So I’m giving these socks five toes up. Currently, I find that I’m “saving” them for my long runs because I love them so much. Keep up the good work, Injinji! — Aidz


10 thoughts on “Gear Check: Injinji Socks

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  4. I only go sockless in triathlons. Just reviewed a pair of these myself and I am giving a few away if your interested. I totally agree with you.


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  8. We have forgotten them by accident a few times, and lived to regret this mistake. Blister City. Meow.


  9. Anyone a freak like me and not wear socks?


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