Gear Check: Honey Stinger

CherryCola_FILM2_3__15972.1365008239.1280.1280We’ve blogged about energy on the run before, and even written tutorials about how to make it happen. So when I got a bunch of Honey Stinger samples, I was pretty stoked to give them a try.

Honey Stinger touts all-natural foods that are designed for athletes. While I’m certainly not a stickler for organic foods, I can definitely get on board with the “fewer chemicals” movement.

Anyhoo, for my first Honey Stinger venture, I tried out the Energy Chews during an 8-mile run on a hot, steamy day. I noticed the chews were much smaller than other chews I’ve tried, which made them really easy to eat. And, they were nice and soft (I’m sure the hot temps helped this), so I didn’t have to gnaw on them for half a mile before I could actually eat them. I had the Cherry Cola flavor, and it was great. In fact, I ran negative splits that day. Coincidence?

All in all, I’d give Honey Stinger two thumbs up. And I’m looking forward to trying their other products (which include waffles!). Happy eating, Angels! — Aidz


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