Kick Up Your Heels

Reflexology-4351345_lBlergh. I’ve got stupid plantar fasciitis. This is my second or third bout with this all-too-common malady. Basically, it just means heel pain. If you’ve experienced it, which I imagine the majority of you runners have at some point, you know what a pain in the heel it can be.

Anyway, here are some things I’ve found that help. Perhaps they’ll help you, too:

  • Stretch. Stretch your calves. Often. And then do it some more. Don’t forget to turn your foot different angles as you stretch to work out different muscles.
  • Ice. Stick your foot in a bucket of ice. Tie ice to your foot. Roll a frozen bottle of water around with your foot. Whatever works for you.
  • Massage. If you have access to a masseuse, it’s well worth it. It’ll hurt like hell while the actual massage is taking place, but I swear it’ll feel better later. At the very least, try and rub the knots out of your arches.
  • Rest. I know, I know. I KNOW. I don’t like it, either. But just taking one day off can make a big difference.
  • Drugs. They help. A lot. But don’t overdo it. For me, naproxen sodium works a million times better than ibuprofen, and it’s a lil easier on the ol’ cardiac system.
  • Shoes. Don’t even THINK about putting on flip flops. Wear good, supportive shoes when you’re not running. And make sure  your running shoes are not past their prime.

So what about you? Got any remedies that work? Products that cure all? Do tell. In the meantime, Imma just hobble around some more. — Aidz


8 thoughts on “Kick Up Your Heels

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  3. Moving off the pavement and onto the trail cured my plantar fasciitis almost immediately. I also wear a shoe that does not have an elevated, cushioned heel in combination with SOLE footbeds.


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  5. It’s a cream for pain but they have pills too. All natural, no drugs. It’s called Fast Relief,
    By Plexus.


  6. Reblogged this on Loving Life and commented:
    Plantar fasciitis is really a horrible thing to endure. This post covers the basics and is helpful! Rest is the thing that has helped me most but my half marathon training has suffered!


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