Running Out of Time

To run, or not to run?


All summer my intention was to run the Cincy Half Marathon in October. In June, October felt light years away, so training for a half seemed totally doable. I spent most of June and July building a nice base, adding miles week after wee — then August happened. Two vacations, a crazy work schedule and a nasty bout of bronchitis put a huge halt on my progress, so I decided to bag the race.

But, honestly there IS time to train for it. I just wouldn’t be able to run it in a respectable time (for me). So when do you decide whether to run a race for fun, or to walk away entirely?

Color runs, mud runs, beer runs, heck even your neighborhood 5Ks are intended to be fun. They are marketed for fun, no one really takes them seriously, so it’s fine if your training goes down the toilet (if you even train at all). But there are two things at play in my current situation: first, it’s a half marathon, and that’s not chump mileage. You can’t gut it out without some training. Secondly, it’s a half marathon and it’s meant to be raced. It’s not a “fun run” unless I make it so. But can I do it?

Right now, I’m running as much as I can, increasing my mileage week after week, and I’m going to make the call by the end of September. But it’s looming. Haunting me with every run, which at this rate, still won’t add up to a great finishing time. Decisions, decisions. — Amie


One thought on “Running Out of Time

  1. You sound like your on the right track, building up mileage slow and easy. I think you should commit your self to running the race nad keep up with your training. Even if you don’t PR having the race as your goal will help get you back on track.


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