Respect the Distance

Hitting the WallI made a rookie mistake this weekend: I forgot to respect the distance and my body all but gave out.

When you increase your mileage week after week, you start to feel invincible. When you run eight miles, 10 doesn’t seem so bad, but there is a threshold, a point in which you need to respect the road, if you will. For me, it’s usually the 10-miler. I’ve made this mistake many times, but here I am again, shaking my head at my rookieness.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to eat and hydrate before your run. I ignored this and just drank coffee.
  • Take water and sustenance for the run itself. Did I do this? Nope.
  • Mentally prepare. I didn’t give it a second thought, even when Doug kept asking me, “Are you sure you want to run 10?”

When I passed the eight-mile marker, my fatigue all but consumed me — I was light-headed, delirious (hello, wall), and it hit me. I had done it again, I had made the same mistake again and I was going to have to shuffle home in shame, hopefully having learned my lesson this time.

Respect the road, respect the distance, respect your body, and only then will you reap the real benefits of distance running. — Amie


3 thoughts on “Respect the Distance

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  3. Yes,respect the distance. Even a 10K will kick your ass if your not properly prepared.
    My gang often runs half marathons for fun and with no intention of going for a PR or anything. It’s fun. I know some people dis-like runners who are not all out for every race. But we like to just go and have fun and a few beers afterwards.
    Still, we hydrate and eat and take our special little packet of gunk with us. Even when it is just for fun, you have to respect the distance.


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