Bad Angel Rule #146

Switch It Up (For Your Health).

Running the same routes might feel good — they’re comfortable and familiar — but your body might need a change.

After X-rays and an MRI (to investigate a nagging hip injury from that dreaded 10 miler), it was revealed that I have a stress fracture in my sacrum, a few bulging discs, a tilted pelvis and lower lumbar scoliosis. Bummer City, USA.  The stress fracture needs a few more weeks to heal, but what I found interesting was the crookedness in my pelvis. How did that happen?

Routes Steve BruleYes, I have four kids. Yes, I had two right in a row (and ran Boston in between), so could that have anything to do with it? Probably not, actually. My doctor asked me, “do you always run the same routes”? Yes, of course I do, and I have for many years. Mentally, I like knowing where I’m going to feel better (after warming up), where the water fountains are, where the dreaded hills are. But running the exact same routes, again and again, can cause undue stress on one side of the body. And after awhile, you’re all out of alignment.

These routes are my comfy sweaters, and I’m not ready to give them up. But I am willing to run them backwards, and add new ones. I also have physical therapy to do, which should square me up nicely. Add some core, hip and butt strengthening, and I’ll be right as rain in no time.

Keep your favorite routes, but add a few new ones. Running, just like life, requires a bit of variety to stay balanced. — Amie


3 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #146

  1. Great info you post on your blog, i have shared this article on my


  2. Good advice. Take care of your self.


  3. This makes total sense, but I doubt I would have ever thought about it! I trained for my first half marathon running the same exact course in Chicago the entire training session — probably should think about that! haha


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