Your New Post-Race Pajamas

05_Flatbed_1 - DECEMBERThe pain and soreness one experiences after running a marathon (or any tough race, for that matter) can make it difficult to do just about anything — including sleep.

Rather than slipping into your comfy flannel PJs the night after a marathon, squeeze yourself into your compression gear.


We’ve already raved about the positive effects of running in compression tights and socks. I’d already tried out both as recovery tools the day after a long run. Then, after this year’s Chicago Marathon, I found myself excruciatingly sore from hip to toe. Following a few post-race beers, I got to thinking. “What if I just SLEPT in my compression socks and tights? Is that crazy?!?” So I did it — and the results were magical.

Often when I’m really sore, I can’t even get comfortable enough to sleep, and if and when I do finally fall asleep, the slightest movement can jolt me awake with shooting pain. Not with those babies on. The tights and socks kept the swelling down and the blood flowing, even as I laid comatose after an incredibly physically and mentally exhausting day.

In the morning, I swung my legs out of bed with relative ease, and I kept those suckers on the rest of the morning. By afternoon, I was moving well enough to walk to the salon for a much-deserved pedicure. Success.

I think I’ve found a new post-race ritual. — Mags


4 thoughts on “Your New Post-Race Pajamas

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  4. I’ve heard about people sleeping in their running gear but never hearing the results. Looks like it was positive! I’m sure it was also a time saver too.


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