‘Never Give Up On Your Dreams’

Remember Molly and how she inspired me to keep running by trying so hard to qualify for Boston? Well … here’s what happened back in September:

Molly finished the LeHigh Valley Marathon and missed her qualifying time by 8 seconds. WHAT?!? Can you imagine missing this by only 8 seconds? It makes me feel like there should be a :15 over/under spread to qualify, but I suppose that’s a slippery slope isn’t it? She had resolved to make this her last attempt because at the end of the day, we all have to draw the line somewhere.

MollySherwoodBut in the car, after the race, when Molly openly declared her defeat, one of her friends challenged her. “That’s not what Diana Nyad would say!” How could you argue with the wisdom of the 84-year-old woman who successfully swam for 48 hours to break world records and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and said, “never give up on your dreams”?

As any true runner would, Molly accepted her challenge with vigor. She ran the Wineglass Marathon (4 weeks later!) — and she did it. She qualified for Boston … by 52 seconds! She ran a 4:54:02, to be exact, and I’m still in awe of her.

Grit isn’t something you gain or lose along the way; it’s either in you, or it’s not. Molly is grit. She is determination. She never gave up on her dream. She is my hero. — Amie


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