My First Half

Four years ago today, I ran my first half marathon.

It was the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon on Nov. 7, 2009, which was sandwiched right in between my last days in Cincinnati and my first days in Chicago.

Maggie Jenkins, Indy Monumental Marathon

My first race horns ever.

Some of the memories have blurred together with the dozens of other races I’ve run, but so many things remain completely vivid about my first real big girl event. My shoelace coming untied in the first mile, the sidewalk chalk on a slight downhill that read “free speed,” my Bad Angel cheering section, hearing “Single Ladies” on my iPod, running into the wind for the last three miles, trying to catch my balance as a volunteer cut the timing chip off my shoe at the finish, getting a text message of my final results on my LG non-smartphone.

Afterward, I wrote about my experience for the Cincinnati Enquirer’s running blog, Runners High. Here’s how that recap ended:

Nine months ago, I could not have imagined running 13.1 miles, let alone enjoying running 13.1 miles. Now, I already have my eyes on another half marathon in the spring and (gulp) possibly attempting a full marathon next fall. … I look forward to seeing how much further I can push myself and what other incredible things I can accomplish out there on the pavement.

I think of all I have accomplished — four marathons, seven half marathons, PRs, etc. — since writing those words. And the overall sentiment still holds true today. I have more goals to reach, and I don’t think I’ve yet tapped my full potential. Maybe in four more years, I’ll get there. — Mags


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