Rave Run: Cincinnati Riverfront

1541146647_29eee64460We often use this space to write about the interesting locations we run while traveling, but sometimes, I think it’s nice to pay homage to places we are blessed to run on a routine basis.

I work in downtown Cincinnati, and I frequently squeeze short runs into my daily work routine, so I often find myself rolling on the river. When I’m out running this beautiful trail, I think to myself what a pity it is that so many people live and work in the city, but they never really take the time to appreciate the perfectly landscaped pavement, where you run with the river on your right and the city skyline on your left. The trees gently shade you from the sun, and there are water fountains providing relief every half mile.

IFP-Entire-park-looking-easWhile the trail only goes for about three or four miles, it’s easy to change things up and go over one of three bridges — all with pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, and each with a different view of the Queen City.

Just as running on vacation provides you with an interesting perspective to your location, so can running where you mindlessly shuffle every day. It’s amazing how differently things look when you see them on the run. — Aidz


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