Give Thanks

As runners, we have much to be thankful for, this time of year and always:

  • Crisp fall air
  • New shoes
  • Old friends
  • Running tights with a high-rise
  • Canine running buddies
  • Post-run edamame
  • The perfect song at the perfect time
  • New friends to run with
  • Old friends who come back to running again
  • Nike+ cheers
  • The ability to use commas on Nike+ run recaps
  • Headphones that stay put
  • Mid-run gossip
  • High fives
  • Hitting all the “walk” signals
  • Sprinklers on a hot day
  • Creative race signs
  • Chafe-free outings
  • Leisurely sight-seeing runs
  • Sunrises on the lakefront
  • The wind at your back
  • The sunny side of the street on a cold day
  • Thumbies
  • First-time marathon finishers
  • Well-placed drinking fountains
  • Free post-race beer
  • Blog post likes
  • The hill that felt easier this time
  • The nod of approval as you pass a fellow runner
  • New socks, new bras, new everything

What are you thankful for, Angels? — Mags, Amie, Aidz


One thought on “Give Thanks

  1. I LOVE this. Laughed out loud at a couple, got sent back to my high school XC days for a few others. And generally just left happy and itching to go for a run! Thanks for sharing!


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