Holiday Streaking: Checking In

1470392_10100315477517369_1717006560_nThe last time I ran six days in a row, it was approximately (emphasis on approximately) ten years ago, and I was running high school track.

But guess what? We’ve survived six days! As adults!

And you know what? This is pretty awesome. Sure, running every single day over the Thanksgiving holiday was a bit out of character, but it was a holiday weekend so it wasn’t that hard to find time to squeeze in a few miles. Plus, I had my mom to do all of my running laundry for me. Added bonus.

Now that we’re back to the grindstone, I think the logistical challenge really sets in. However, now that I’ve got the first few runs under my belt, I know how easy it can be to sneak away for a quick lil’ mile.

Observations thus far:

  • Short runs put less pressure on each individual run. So what if you only run for 15 minutes? You’ll get back out there tomorrow.
  • Running a mile is both easy and hard. You never get comfortable, but just as it gets really uncomfortable, you’re done.
  • Waking up to run is better than having a run hanging over your head all day.
  • I feel good! I’m not tired, not sore, not fatigued. In fact, I think the short runs help loosen things up and keep the ol’ blood flowing.
  • Power in numbers! Seeing everyone check in on their miles has been fun to watch–and extra motivating. Keep it up, Angels! —Aidz

2 thoughts on “Holiday Streaking: Checking In

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