2014 Race Calendar

Here’s where we’ll be running this year (with more races surely to be added as the year progresses):

March 15: Washington D.C. Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon

March 16: Cincinnati Heart Mini Marathon

April 6: Chi-Town 10K

May 25: Madison Half Marathon

June 28: Hyde Park Blast

July 26: Quad City Times Bix 7

September: Hudepohl 14k Brewery Run

October 12: Chicago Marathon

October 19: Cincinnati Half Marathon

November 27: Cincinnati Turkey Trot


4 thoughts on “2014 Race Calendar

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  2. Great schedule — always awesome to have Chicago in the mix (even if it might be a lottery for the first time). But no Flying Pig? That always came off as a staple of this blog. On to new races!


  3. Wow, great list. you are very organized to be signed up for these races all ready. I’ve only signed up for a handful so far.


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