You Gotta Be In It to Win It

The Chicago Marathon is moving to a lottery system for its registration process. Following last year’s day one online registration debacle and the exceeding speed with which the race fills up each year, it’s really no surprise.

However, they’ve added in a few “guarantees” for those of us who count on this race year after year.

Run for Charity: Joining a charity team is a solid option. Get guaranteed entry AND raise money for a good cause AND build camaraderie with your team. Win-win-win.

Legacy Program: If you’ve run the Chicago Marathon five of the last 10 years, you’re in. Thank you for honoring the faithful folks who show up year after year! (I’m real close to reaching “legacy” status, having run four of the last 10 years. Next year, baby!)

Time Qualifier: Men who have run a sub-3:15 marathon and women who have run a  sub-3:45:00 marathon on or after January 1, 2012, can guarantee their spot. So, if you’re a speed demon, you’re in.

International Tour Program: This one fills up FAST, folks. So get on it!

Registration for the 45,000-runner field opens at noon on Wednesday, March 5, and goes until noon on Monday, April 7. Lottery entrants will be notified on Monday, April 14.

Mark your calendars, Angels! — Mags


2 thoughts on “You Gotta Be In It to Win It

  1. I haven’t been around the marathon circuit very long (4 years or so), but it’s strange that I can ALREADY say “I remember when Chicago and Berlin weren’t lotteries, and they were ONLY $135.” I wonder what the Bill Rodgers of the world are saying …


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