Bad Angel Rule #148

You are what you eat.

You are what you eat.

You perform how you eat.

We all know the importance of nutrition, there are a million diets out there you can follow, but one rule you can always count on is that you will perform how you eat.

If you eat fatty, artery-clogging foods, your runs will be sluggish and heavy. If you eat clean and light, you will probably sail through your run with ease. I mean, have you tried to run after eating Dewey’s Pizza? Garlic, tomato sauce, copious amounts of cheese and running do not mix.

I’m not saying you have to be perfect every day. Try focusing on one or two runs per week where you really eat well beforehand. See how that feels vs. eating poorly. I bet you’ll find that when you fill your tank with high-octane foods, you’ll perform a whole lot better. — Amie


4 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #148

  1. I made a few dietary changes last year and set 8 PRs, and I’m 49. Those changes must have been part of that improvement in my running.
    I think most runners pay attention to what they eat, and this is especially true in the days before a race and on race day. It can make a big difference.


  2. I feel bad about the burger I ate now.
    I didn’t wan’t to mess up the kitchen, it’s soooo clean today.


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