Bad Angel Rule #149

1461806_10100361578306304_1099945534_nSUPER SPECIAL WINTER RULE

If They Don’t Scoop, You Leave Poop.

Let’s face it, running in the winter ain’t easy. You’ve got freezing-cold temps, windchill, ice, and rapidly-dwindling daylight to contend with. That’s why the last thing you should have to worry about is breaking your neck on a non-shoveled sidewalk.

However, that doesn’t stop lazy homeowners from creating a runner’s (and walker’s and postal worker’s) worst nightmare. Therefore, we here at Bad Angels declare it completely acceptable to direct your dog to leave a steaming pile of ‘SHOVEL YOUR SIDEWALK, JERKFACE’ in said lazy homeowner’s un-maintained lawn.

It may not make the sidewalk any easier to pass, but it’ll sure make you feel better. —Aidz


One thought on “Bad Angel Rule #149

  1. hahahaha I like that.
    You are right, it doesn’t solve the problem immediately, but after a few “drops”, they’ll shovel it.


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