I finished making my training plan for the rest of the year.

I think I’ll go throw up now.

To call it intimidating is an understatement.

It carries me through winter and my three “milestone” races: the Chi-Town 10K (April 6), the Madison Half Marathon (May 25) and the Chicago Marathon (Oct. 12). I cribbed from Amie’s “Training Plan for Total Badasses,” which she used for her BQ in 2009, and my trusty Hal Higdon plan. I’m adding an insane amount of speed work, a second 20-miler and the aforementioned yoga class. I’m also going to pay much closer attention to my diet, nutrition and sleeping habits.

I’m not gonna lie: I’m afraid. Nervous. Overwhelmed. And I have my doubts. But to quote my wise friend Jennifer, “Big things are hard and scary. That’s why you feel like a fucking badass when you do them.” Amen, Angels. — Mags


4 thoughts on “Gulp.

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  3. This sounds fantastic. I recently joined an athletic club where I have full access to a pool, as well as options for spinning classes. I was thinking of incorporating them into my plan this year to see if 1. It makes me a better runner/improves my times and 2. I could potentially consider a sprint tri or bi. Anyone have any experience with this or recommendations? My biggest fear is how will I find the time…


    • We say go for it. Training for a sprint tri wouldn’t be all-consuming and it would give you a good idea of if you want to go whole hog (half vs full marathon). Besides, if you have access to training facilities and own a bike, why not?


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