Bad Angel Rule #153

1476282_10152428509879972_1901728452_nCheck Yer Shadow.

With the exception of a passing glance of yourself as you whiz by a glass window, you’ve probably never really seen yourself running.

I realized this the other day when we were driving, and my husband said, “That lady runs like you.”

I laughed because I could imagine that, yes, that’s probably pretty similar to how I actually look when I run, but in my mind, I look like a gazelle — or at the very least, one of those graceful, gliding, effortless runners.

But then I got to thinking: knowing what you look like when you run can be a pretty powerful indicator of a lot of important things. Your posture, gait and stride all affect how fast you go, how efficiently you move — and how your body responds to the repeated impact of running.

Since most of us don’t have access to a roving film crew, we’ll have to find other ways to check ourselves out. And the best way that I’ve found is to watch my shadow. This time of year, the afternoon and early evening sun provides a perfect shadow running mate.

So when the sun is at your back, look at your shadow. Check your form. Look at your posture. And ask yourself a few questions: Do I look relaxed? What are my hands and arms doing? How are they swinging? Do I resemble that graceful gazelle? Adjust accordingly, and go on your merry way. — Aidz


2 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #153

  1. I sometimes get too focused on my shadow that I trip.


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