Treadmill Trickery

1925059_10100404710020004_1966452664_nLast week, I engaged in an epic battle with the display screen on my treadmill. It was storming outside, and dammit, I HAD to get a run in. But I kept getting error messages on the display screen and couldn’t get the beast up and running.

Curses! Technology be dammed!

After some extremely technological unplugging and flipping random switches, the treadmill kiiiiind of started responding, chugging along at a 9:22 pace at a .5% incline. Errrr, OK. I dared not touch any buttons, out of fear of angering it further. But after a mile, I was bored. So I tried punching a few of the buttons on the screen. Uh-oh, the machine was going crazy. Suddenly, I was running an 8:34 pace, and what was that I saw? A negative 3% incline? Huh?


I never knew you could set the treadmill at a NEGATIVE incline. Well, bees knees! This felt lovely.

Now, I’m not saying you should set the treadmill at a negative incline for your entire run every time because obviously, you don’t run downhill for an entire run outside. However, if you’d like a reprieve from the treadmill without backing off your pace, you can simply tweak the incline in your favor. And if you’re having trouble getting a faster leg turnover, you can try this same little shortcut to get things moving in the right direction.

So let my treadmill trauma work to your benefit. Go forth and tinker with the incline. — Aidz


2 thoughts on “Treadmill Trickery

  1. My home treadmill will decline. My ceiling is too low for me to run on it though. ;( At work we have a gym and sometimes the treadmills will re-set to 0 after you have run for 10-15 minutes. Love it. Unlike phones and GPS watches, you can’t throw a treadmill across the room.


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