Gear Check: Hands-Free Leash

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.40.48 AMMy dog, Presley, has been my faithful running companion for a decade now. But sometimes–especially when you factor in a double jogging stroller and two squirmy children–taking her along feels more like work than a workout.

And as we run on the trail with our ridiculous gaggle, we often pass people running with their dogs with hands-free leashes. And I think to myself, “Gosh, I wish I could do that.”

Well, then it occurred to me… I COULD do that. Why not? Sure, Presley can be a bit spazzy, but on the trail, we’re at peace. We’re in sync. We’re in beast mode.

So I ordered a Buddy System Hands-Free Leash and hoped for the best.

I took the hound and the new leash for a test-run last weekend for an 8-mile journey, and it was awesome! Presley was a little excited at first, as she always is, running out a bit in front. But guess what? Rather than throwing off my posture by pulling my arms, she was tugging my waist forward, which was actually helpful. Thanks, girl! When we settled into our pace after about a half mile, I wondered why I hadn’t gotten one of these leashes YEARS ago. Presley ran by my side, as she always does, and my hands were free to wipe sweat, futz with my phone and run all relaxed.

Sure, my husband still razzes me for looking like a dork with a leash around my waist, but guess what? I don’t care, I’m in my happy running place.

All in all, I give the hands-free leash two paws up. —Aidz




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