Bad Angel Rule #157

1525174_10152095236725629_1395147083_nPace is not a constant.

Every runner associates herself with a pace. Granted, that pace might fluctuate depending on who is asking, but generally, we all have a comfortable running pace. And, until recently, I assumed that everyone ran at that comfortable pace consistently unless doing speed work or fartleks or whatever.

Well, we did this holiday running streak, and lo and behold, people’s paces were all over the board! And I’m not just talking about one person running at an 8-minute pace one day, and another guy running an 11-minute pace one day. I’m talking about the SAME person running a difference pace depending on the day. Who knew?

Sure, we all post our mile times when we’re proud of them (those of us social sharers, anyway), but as we all shared our pace — proud time or not — the paces varied considerably.

So what can you get out of this?

Stop worrying so much about your pace. In running, as in life, some days you’ll be faster, some days you’ll be slower. Some days you’ll have to push it, and some days you’ll want to ease off the gas. In the  end, the run will always give you back what you need. —Aidz


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