Bad Angel Rule #158

1482802_10152009995591195_1945087874_nTraining is More Than Running.

For many (many) years, my only form of training consisted of running. I figured that if I signed up for a race, why should I do anything else? The end goal was to finish and going to the gym didn’t add to my mileage, so I felt like I had to choose running. But if you want to make it to the start injury-free and strong, you need to mix it up.

  • Check the distance from your house to the gym. No, seriously! It’s probably closer than you think, and you could log some miles just getting there and back. And since you’ll be lifting or spinning (or whatever), you can use those two small runs to recover.
  • On your off days, do something totally new. Go for a swim, do yoga or go for a long walk. Active recovery will bring you endless benefits. And let’s not forget how refreshing it will be for your mind.
  • If you have been injured in the last year or are injury-prone in general, it makes sense to swap one of your weekly runs for strength training. Not only will you avoid overuse injuries, you’ll be stronger and able to run longer in the end.
  • One word: YOGA. Find a class, any level you choose, and do it. Religiously. Yoga will undo the bad, it will keep your joints and connective tissue healthy, and without that, you aren’t going anywhere.

Remember, it’s not always all about the miles; it’s about the journey. Get out there and mix it up! — Amie


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