Throwback Thursday

photoDigging through old photos last week, I came across this relic from a stormy summer afternoon at my grandma’s lake house.

I remember the moment so well. We had been out riding jet skis on a hot and cloudy afternoon when it started POURING on us. Completely soaked, we parked the jet skis, climbed back onto the lawn, and for some reason, thought it would be HILARIOUS to show off our sweet temporary tattoos (which I believe we got out of a bubblegum machine) before they washed away in the storm.

And since the only way to take a photo back in those days was with an actual camera with actual film, we didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of our photoshoot until a week or two later. (At which point I immediately regretted said photoshoot.)

As soon as I found the photo, I texted it to Miranda, my partner in photoshoot crime. Her flurry of responding texts got me to thinking. Specifically, she said, “I always thought this photo showed off my fat, and now I can’t believe my stomach was ever that small. Why can’t we see our true bodies when we have them?”

God. Ain’t that the truth? I certainly feel differently about this photo than I did 15 years ago. But rather than be nostalgic about it, I think it’s better to glean some perspective from this photo. I need to be grateful for the skin I’m in RIGHT NOW.

And you know what? My body can do some pretty amazing things. Things that the buff high schooler in the bikini could never dream of! That girl could never run a marathon! She thought those were only for crazy fit people. Shoot, that girl didn’t know what it was to carry and deliver two babies. Two HUMANS.

Now that I think about it — really think about it — my body is pretty awesome. And I ask a lot of it. Don’t we all, as runners? So let’s all make a conscious effort to see our bodies as they really are. When you strip away the self-loathing and the negative self-talk as you look in the mirror, what do you see? What do you see right now? See the strength. See the capability. And give thanks. — Aidz


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