Spotting a Bad Run

Almost every time I start running, it sucks. Why am I so winded!? Why are my legs so heavy!? But normally, a few miles in, after I’ve warmed up, it all melts into a nice rhythm and I feel fine. But what if you feel bad and you never recover, or you start feeling worse? You’ve got a bad run on your hands, folks.

Last night was a prime example of a bad run. I started out with eight miles in mind, and the first mile sucked (normal), the next two were slightly better, and then the next two got progressively worse. I had to bag it after five miles.

I think the key indicator that it’s a bad run is the fact that you feel worse, not better. And this is also the key to injuries. If the pain doesn’t go away, stop.

I didn’t dwell on it, or even worry about it like I used to. Instead, I chose to listen to my body. These don’t happen often, but when they do, I think it’s best to surrender to the bad run. You’ll win next time. — Amie


6 thoughts on “Spotting a Bad Run

  1. This happened to be yesterday. I totally agree, sometimes pushig through it can make it go away but if it’s not helping, time to hang it up and go another day!


  2. Great advice on listening to your body. Sometimes it can be difficult to do as it can feel like you’re giving up, but long term, helps to prevent injuries and ensure that you limit future bad runs.


    • Exactly! It’s not a perfect science, and I still get it wrong sometimes, but I’ve learned my lesson. Sometimes you can push, sometimes you should surrender. No shame in preventing injury.


  3. I only have a run like that when it’s the first loooong run of the season. It sucks by mile 8 and by mile 14 I’m ready to call a cab!
    If this happens on a short run your body is telling you something. It’s awlays best to listen up.


    • Couldn’t agree more. I’ve even had runs go south because of stress, so it’s not always physical. Either way, I listen. And I’m with you- the first run over 10 miles always gets me!


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