Gear Check: Das Boot


I’m too sexy for this boot.

For those of you following along at home, I’ve been struggling with a stubborn case of plantar fasciitis for almost a year now. Well, Angels, I’ve added another weapon to my arsenal, and I feel like this is the one that just might put an end to the madness.

For real this time.

The Feetures! Compression Sleeve I got a few months back does a swell job of keeping pain at bay, but I wasn’t convinced  it was actually solving the problem. And after months and months and months, I’d really just like to nip this sucker in the bud.

Wearing my boot, watching Game of Thrones, living the life.

Wearing my boot, watching “Game of Thrones,” living the life.

So I got a FLEXIBRACE night splint. Pretty sexy, right? It reminds me of the “Frankenstein boot” that I wore after ankle reconstruction in college. And it works similarly. The theory is that your foot heals every night. But, if your foot is healing while the fascia are all relaxed, you’re just re-tearing it all in the morning when you step out of bed. Thus, the initial shooting pain and limping around that is characteristic of plantar fasciitis.  The splint simply holds your foot (and consequently, your plantar fascia) at attention while you’re sleeping.

I’m not going to lie. This thing is big. I had to warn my husband that this bad boy would be coming into our bed, and he scoffed a bit. But then, I also have been known to wear my compression socks to bed after races, so this was just par for the course.

But the real question … Does it work?

Amazingly well.

After just one night, I stepped out of bed pain free. After a week and a half, I went on vacation to Florida and wore flip-flops around the pool and walked barefoot at the beach. Both of those things would have been impossible prior to my beautiful boot.

I feel like I’m finally making strides against this frustrating malady that has been plaguing my life, and man, it feels good. Even if it does require a little help from a big ol’ boot. — Aidz





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