Rookie Rule #22

just-get-ready-to-start-somewhere1You Gotta Start Somewhere.

“I’m not a runner. I can barely make it a few blocks without having to stop and rest.”

“I don’t know how you do it. If I even run a mile, I want to DIE.”

I hear these statements from people almost weekly. My response? “Well, you gotta start somewhere.”

I didn’t wake up one day and decide to go run a marathon and voila! Piece of cake! No. I’ve been there, too. My first 10K training run, a friend and I went .75 miles then heaved and huffed and rested for a few minutes before completing the return trip home — at the end of which, we both wanted to pass out.

The key is, you gotta start and you gotta keep after it. Those first steps suck. Even now, as a seasoned runner training for my fifth marathon, the first mile out the door is pretty much always awful.

But it gets better. It gets easier. Give it a chance. — Mags


2 thoughts on “Rookie Rule #22

  1. Reblogged this on I'm a runner and so can you and commented:
    I hear people say this all the time, “I’m not really a runner”, I don’t run races, I don’t run fast.
    If you jog or run, you are a runner. We all run at our own pace, few of us could keep up with Meb. Just enjoy the ride. Be in the moment and don’t worry about the person next to you.
    We were all new to this once, we all still struggle with this. Running is not easy. We choose this challenge. If you choose this challenge, if you chose this challenge, you are a runner.


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