Bad Angel Rule #167

ibnXhDrive the Course.

Running a race in a new city? Or an unfamiliar course in a city you know? Grab a race map, recruit a navigator and drive the course. You’ll get a lay of the land, find landmarks that will help you through the race and get a more accurate feel for the elevation peaks and valleys.

Here are a few course-driving tips:

  • If it’s a marathon or half marathon you’re driving, don’t be intimidated by the perceived distance in the car. The miles seem much more daunting when you are driving them than when you are actually running them.
  • Check for landmarks, buildings or changes in scenery that will help you break up the distance.
  • On challenging inclines, look for things you can focus on — say, a beautiful overlook — to distract you from the difficulty of a big hill.
  • Do a little research about an unfamiliar city before you scope the course. You’re a tourist after all, and it’s interesting to learn the significance of the pavement you’re pounding.
  • Enjoy the scenery. Make mental notes of beautiful areas/houses/statues/bodies of water/whatever. You never know what will help you through a tough stretch.

Happy race preparation, Angels! — Aidz



3 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #167

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