10 Signs You’re a Running Junkie

We’re all self-proclaimed running addicts. We love the sport. We love the social aspect, the individuality and endless health benefits we reap. Bu have you ever wondered whether you’ve crossed the line from “not hating it” to “can’t live without it”? Here are a few ways to tell:

junkie1. You keep running clothes with you in the car. And have a set at your desk, just in case the opportunity arises.

2. When you hear a catchy tune on the radio, your priority is to determine whether it’s run-worthy.

3. You have different playlists for different types of runs. You can’t run easy with tempo-run music! Jeez.

4. When your legs are sore and heavy, you figure a nice easy recovery run will make them feel better.

5. Resting, as in not running, takes physical restraint. And you have these days marked in your calendar, as a reminder.

6. You map out your year based on the races you plan to do. Sometimes entire vacations revolve around your races.

7. You’ve gone to happy hour, breakfast, dinner or to the grocery store in your sweaty running clothes.

8. When people ask if you’re going “jogging” you chuckle. Jogging!

9. You’ll wake up before the sun to get in your weekday runs.

10. You finish a race, chafed and exhausted, wondering why you did it — only to get home and register for your next one.

If you find more truth than not, you’re one of us. Welcome to the club, and we’ll see you at the start line. — Amie



6 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re a Running Junkie

  1. Love this list. I don’t listen to music when I run, which knocks me out of two categories. Partially guilty on #7 and more than guilty on #1 – with an extra sets of running clothes at the health club, at relatives homes etc. Thanks for you recent follow.


  2. I love this post! So many of these are TOTALLY me haha!


  3. Hehe! Yes I’m definitely a running junkie! (Not that it was ever a question) I love this list! It’s very funny and I identify with all of them! 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on The Stampeding Turtle and commented:
    I have quite a few friends like this. I love it. It is my goal to be every single one!


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