Bad Angel Rule #174

Adopt a Pack Mentality.

When I first started running road races 15 years ago (!), I joined a training group and did my core workouts with them, on their schedule. This was how I completed my first 10K and half marathon. After that, I felt that I knew enough, or could at least find the right information needed to train on my own or with a friend. That worked well for 13 half marathons and eight full marathons, and countless other races. Then my friend Jen urged me to sign up for a training group with her.

Her rationale? “It’s so fun, you’ll meet new people, plus you’ll be able to use the experiences for your blog!” (I do need fodder; it’s hard to come up with new ideas, for real.)

And she was SO right.

There’s something special about running with a pack. When it’s hard, you can draw energy from one another. When it’s easy, you high-five. I’m served up a fresh training plan every week, and I don’t even have to think about it, I just have to get my easy runs in. After the group run, we do a core workout that rivals my arch nemesis, Body Pump. Plus there are injury prevention clinics (who couldn’t use a refresher?), happy hours and make-up runs if your schedule gets crazy. It’s probably the best idea she’s ever had.

We are ramping up for a fun summer, and I’m already making new friends, and hopefully I’ll find a running mate for my fall race (Jen is too fast, damnit).  And I now urge YOU to go find a pack and run! — Amie


4 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #174

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  2. I run with my club twice a week, including a Sunday long run. It is the best.


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