Bad Angel Rule #175

Racing “For Fun” Still Calls for Serious Training.

During my long run this weekend, I was chatting with Coach Steph about the two half marathons I did earlier this year — and about how hard they were. I realized as I was talking that the reason they were so hard is because I did them for FUN. Huh.

I definitely had fun before the races, after the finish and a few times during, but the overall races were very difficult. Which is the opposite of fun, in my opinion. Isn’t it true that if you plan to run a race “for fun,” it also means that you approach training in the same way? I mean, how many long runs did I miss before those half marathons? Several. In my mind, it was no big deal because I wasn’t trying to break any records and it would be so FUN.

Do you know what’s really fun? Training well, eating well, resting well and racing well. If your race is also part of a girls’ weekend, then you’ll have an even better time! But I don’t recommend running races “for fun” unless they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • It’s a 10K or shorter
  • You’ll be covered in colored corn starch by the end
  • There’s beer at every mile
  • You’re going to wear a costume

Respect your body and do the training required for your races. THEN, I promise, they’ll be a total blast. — Amie



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