Bad Angel Rule #178

runningpuppiesFind a Fast Friend and Then Be a Fast Friend.

If you want to run faster, run faster.

It’s great advice (even if it sounds, well, DUH), but it can be hard to follow. Pushing yourself to get faster often takes more mental strength than physical strength. So that’s when you need to get by with a little help from your fast friends.

The key is finding someone who’s juuuuuust a bit faster to push the pace, and then aim for one shorter run a week together.

For example, if you’re a 10-minute miler, finding someone who’s in the 9-minute range is ideal. You can meet in the middle at 9:30s. You’ll get in a bit of speedwork, and they’ll get in their easier run. Win-win.

And since your friend is running easier, it’s on them to keep the conversation rolling as the miles and minutes tick by.

The great news is, you, too, can be the fast friend! It’s all about paying it forward, Angels. — Mags


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