Two Months Out

iStock_000001227595SmallTwo months from today is the Chicago Marathon. (How is that even possible?!? Time flies when you’re running all the time, I guess.)

It seems like every day, someone asks me, “How’s training going?”

In a nutshell, training is going quite well.

  • I’m getting faster — much faster — which, you know, was kind of my main objective. But it still blows my mind. I continue to surprise myself and find that I still can’t really wrap my brain around just how much improvement I’ve made this year (PRs at 5K, 8K, 10K, 7 miles and half marathon).
  • I’m hungry pretty much every second of every day. And while I’m paying closer attention to what I’m eating compared to previous years, I still have my fair share of moments like, “I ran 12 miles this morning, I deserve this ice cream cone, dammit!”
  • Sleep is my favorite thing. I treasure it more than ever.
  • I’m SO GLAD I joined a training group this year. I’m doing my Thursday speedwork sessions with Chicago Endurance Sports, and it’s made a huge difference physically and mentally. I even find myself looking forward to those difficult workouts now, which is not something I can say about my pre-group training speedwork days.
  • Also amazing has been the addition of yoga once a week. When I started going back in December, I couldn’t touch my toes, but now I can! My upper body and core are stronger, and my lower body has gotten more flexible. And it’s fun. So much more fun than I imagined it would be.
  • I’m starting to dig into my really big mileage weeks, and I’m ready for it. For reals.
  • I still have flashes of panic and doubt, but they’re much less frequent than before. I’m trusting my training plan and listening to my body, and it’s working. Whatdya know?
  • My non-running social life continues to dwindle as the training weeks go on, and I’m OK with that. One huge reason? My friends and family have been incredibly supportive. They know how important this is to me, so no one is making me feel guilty for cutting out early or not showing up at all.
  • I have a super kick-ass runner’s tan going.
  • Working hard is damn satisfying.

Hopefully I can keep this train rolling for the next two months. I think I can. — Mags


4 thoughts on “Two Months Out

  1. Just like you, I’m hungry all the time. I seeing a nutritionist next week, gotta see what she has to see about my calorie intake. I just keep eating like a pig.
    Yoga is great for running, hard a first but it pays to do it.
    Looking forward to your posts from Chicago in 2 months!


  2. This is great. I’m running with CES too and I it describes my experience perfectly, yoga and all. As a matter of fact, I just re-posted this on my FB page and prefaced it with, “In case you were wondering”. 🙂


  3. Now it’s only a matter of time until you bookmark the 10 day forecast for Chicago and start checking it several times a day. I know. I’ve been there and it’s great. Good luck.


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