Gear Check: Nike Pro Calf Sleeve

Check out that tiny ankle hole!

Check out that tiny ankle hole!

If you’re following along, you know we love our compression pieces. Tights, socks, shorts, and now — calf sleeves! My husband swears by them, so he bought me a pair after listening to me whine about my lower leg pain. I mean, honestly. My lower legs hurt all the time lately. The tendons, the connective tissue, the calf muscles are all taking a serious pounding these days. So I figured, why not?

He gave me the sleeves, and I was surprised by the size. They were so small. But compression is supposed to be tight, so I carried on. I wore them on an easy 6-mile run, and they felt great. Do I think they are game-changers? Nah. But they felt good.

I will say this. The ankle hole is TINY on the Nike calf sleeves. I have small ankles, and they were super tight. Almost uncomfortable. So if your ankles are wider than a couple of inches around, I would try the Zensah instead.

Calf sleeves are great, and definitely have their place in my running gear toolbelt, but I think I’ll stick to my socks for now. You see, my feet hurt too, and I need all the help I can get. — Amie


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