Sick of Training

cc79d42f38b9532133a2b3957c40ef821e3a0e3d1ed15078e7b94871400e5ff6Week 16 of marathon training, and I get sick. BOOOOOOOOO.

I woke up this week with a sore throat, headache, earache and runny nose. I stayed home from work, slept and watched a lot of “Law & Order: SVU.” I skipped my tempo run and my group speed workout. I’ve started to feel better, but I’m still not at 100 percent.

Logically, I know it’s  a blip on the radar. I keep reminding myself that missing a couple workouts isn’t going to make or break me on race day. I tell myself that resting and getting healthy is more important, that pushing myself and stretching out my illness will only make things worse. I am trying to look at it as “body-mandated” rest, coming off my biggest mileage month ever and a huge work event I spent half the year planning.

Logically, I know these things. Still, I’m panicking a little. OK, maybe more than a little.

So we’ll see how my 18-miler goes this weekend. With any luck, another solid night of sleep and a few more episodes with Benson and Stabler will be enough to get me back on my feet again. — Mags


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