Bad Angel Rule #183

Banking time doesn't even work for Deena.

Banking time doesn’t even work for Deena.

Eliminate Reckless Miles.

“The wall found me in Chicago in 2005. I passed up a couple water bottles to prove a point, and those reckless miles hurt me later.” — Deena Kastor

When I heard Deena Kastor speak a couple weeks ago, her references to “reckless miles” stuck with me more than anything she said.

So what’s a reckless mile?

A reckless mile is one in which you deviate from your race plan in an attempt to “bank” time. You feel amazing early on, so you blaze through a couple miles, thinking you’ll get ahead of the game for when you feel tired later. Except, now you’ve expended too much energy too early and your energy stores run out too quickly, which inevitably leads to bonking.

As we’ve seen time and again with world record marathon performances, banking time doesn’t work. So if it doesn’t work for elite athletes, there’s a good chance it’s not going to work for you, either.

You can tell when someone’s reckless miles occurred just by looking at their race splits. Actually, it becomes painfully obvious. Case in point: Check out my 2011 splits, when I tried to bank time from miles 6-13, bonked at mile 21 and then missed breaking four hours by 18 stupid seconds.

Fight the urge to go out too fast too early. Don’t skip your water stops or gel/blocks intake because you’re feeling good. Ignore the people who are passing you and stick to your plan. Because those reckless miles will get you in the end. — Mags


4 thoughts on “Bad Angel Rule #183

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  3. I saw Deena earlier this year and loved it!! She’s the best!

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